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3 masks ''Sophie'' - Purple

Shipping costs included

55.00 €

Description of the mask ''Sophie''

Purple liberty cotton pleated mask with 2 purple braids and purple elastic.

The pack includes:

- 3 masks ''Sophie'' (purple / flowers) 

Shipping costs are included.

Composition of our masks

Our masks are made of:
- 2 cotton layers
- 1 inner polyester layer
- 2 elastic bands to attach the mask behind the ears
- 1 nose grip

Instructions for using our mask

Our masks are not surgical masks, but for use by the general public.

Our masks do not preclude the need to take protective measures: wash your hands regularly, reduce your contact with other people, practise social distancing, etc. They are to be used in addition to these measures.

Before putting on a mask, wash your hands using soap and water or sanitising gel. Next apply the mask to the face ensuring you cover your mouth and nose, then attach the elastic behind your ears.

Wash your hands before and after removing the mask. Remove it by holding the elastic, without touching the front of the mask which may potentially be contaminated.

Whilst wearing the mask, avoid touching it as this will mean you will need to re-wash your hands each time. Also, try not to leave it dangling round your neck like a scarf.

The maximum recommended duration for use is 4 hours.

For people spending the entire day outdoors, we therefore recommend setting off with 3 masks (one for the morning, one for the afternoon, and one spare in case of emergency).

Washing and ironing our masks

We recommend machine-washing for a minimum of 30 minutes at 60°C, then tumble-drying or air-drying followed by ironing.

Used masks (which may be kept in a sealed container to avoid the need to wash them individually) may be washed with other textiles such as towels or sheets which can withstand washing at 60°C.

Dispose of the mask at the first signs of wear and tear.